Five Tips for Travel Agents: Planning Tips

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Make sure to have a bag prepared with medical supplies.

Parizek suggests getting a Cipro prescription. He refers to it as the “primary treatment for any stomach bug you might catch”. No matter if you have the stomach flu, Travel Agents tummy, food poisoning or other ailments – taking Cipro makes traveling abroad much less likely that you’ll become ill while away.

Leave space for souvenirs.

Blasco also believes in packing less, as this gives her more room to keep memories from her travels. She states, “One of my favourite parts about taking a vacation is buying souvenirs to bring back home for family and friends.” When packing, this is something I always think about when planning ahead.”

Tipping is easy with some cash in hand.

Make sure to tip in smaller denominations so credit can be given where it’s due. As Parizek shares, “I cannot tell you how often I have to explain to people upon arrival that I don’t have small currency for luggage porters/drivers.” Worrying about an empty wallet? Here’s how much cash should always be available:

Always have a pen handy.

Be mindful not to ask for a pen on customs forms. Silvana Frappier (North Star Destinations travel advisor) recommends having two pens at all times and using click-top pens which make it easier to not lose the cap.

Enjoy long layovers.

Before planning any long layover, it’s wise to consult your Travel Agent about airline policies regarding extended layovers. According to Rayner, certain airlines provide allowances like meal or hotel vouchers for stays of more than eight hours, allowing you to check off another city on your bucket list!

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