7 Best Android Bus Booking Apps

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7 Best Android Bus Booking Apps

Are you often buying bus tickets but find it difficult to purchase online? Install one of our Android Bus Booking Apps on your smartphone for maximum convenience when hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from home. We’ve carefully selected only the best and free software, so let’s begin with a brief review.


Rome2Rio is a website and app that can guide you when it comes to public transport options. No matter your destination, Rome2Rio can make the journey smoother for you.

Plan your route, select tickets for trains, buses and ferries, or book flights – this system offers the optimal combination of time and money transportation. Plus it shows photos (so you know exactly what type of bus you have – a double-decker Bus with sockets and Wi Fi or an old bus!) and maps out every mile along the way to perfection.

Rome2rio provides all possible routes to reach your destination, highlighting which route is the most expensive and fastest. You can also mix-and-match these options to find the optimal travel route.

If you’re feeling bored at work or simply want to escape for the weekend, Rome2rio will have your getaway plan prepared. Not sure where your flight departs in three hours? Type Nearby Airports into the same window and that way, you can get there before check in ends.

This app offers a convenient range of routes between cities and even countries. All you need to do is enter your destination and date, then pick the most convenient travel mode – whether it’s train, bus, plane or car.


The Omio app makes planning your travels effortless. Get where you need to go without any stress or difficulty with this convenient mobile application.

The Omio app, a revolutionary new travel companion, provides real-time train and bus information, the ability to download tickets, plus many other helpful features.

How to use the app:

  • Register;
  • Input your pickup and drop-off points for your journey.
  • Select the best transport option, price point, and time that works best for you.

Create the booking.

Save your tickets in the app or have them emailed directly to yourself. With our user-friendly booking system, you won’t have to worry about tickets again!

  • This app has partnered with over 800 dependable transport companies to get you where you need to go.
  • All in all, this app is an impressive one that allows users to search and book bus, train or plane tickets easily.


Wanderu is the leading American bus and train booking service in North America.

Wanderu is an excellent option if you know that flying from Munich to Prague, for example, will cost around 200 euros and take 5 hours. There aren’t any direct flights between these cities; however, you can get there by bus in 4.5 hours for only 20-30 euros!

This app not only assists in finding the optimal routes between points, but it also provides relevant options for trains, planes, and intercity buses.

Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines is an app that can replace searching the web for bus tickets. Your own ticket kiosk is always at your fingertips!

Downloading this app gives you access to travel ideas. Reserve tickets directly from the app; An e-ticket will be sent directly to your phone, allowing for easy tracking of bus routes to the stations of your choice. See all upcoming trips right from the screen!

This is what you get when you download this app

  • You can find travel ideas in the app.
  • Book your tickets for your trip;
  • An e-ticket will be sent directly to your mobile phone
  • You can track your bus right from the app screen
  • See your routes to locate the stations you want.
  • Check out all the upcoming trips.


FlixBus, an Android bus travel application, is now available. This official app for the company with the same name can be downloaded in both Europe and America.

FlixBus stores your information each time you purchase a ticket, making it simpler to locate them later.

Booking fees have been removed, reducing your trip cost by up to -10%. No printout necessary – simply show the FlixBus staff via mobile app the electronic version.

Saving time and natural resources, the carrier can be seen as being environmentally friendly in both their use of buses, as well as how it treats the environment.

FlixBus app users get exclusive discounts and vouchers. Plus, the carrier sends out instant notifications regarding canceled buses, delays, or other important updates.

The app also helps you stay safe at the bus stop and locate your bus quickly.


RedBus is an Indian-owned company that brings together many bus operators in Southeast Asia.

Apps are increasingly popular for local tickets due to their lower costs compared to non-virtual operators. Unfortunately, foreign tourists must pay an additional double commission in addition to India’s specific taxes.

RedBus can assist you with more than just price savings; their mobile app RedBus NOW also helps you locate your departure point quickly and easily. Simply show the ticket on your phone to board the bus – no additional documents necessary!

RedBus is an ideal tool to purchase bus tickets in Colombia and other countries such as India, Indonesia Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Peru and Malaysia. RedBus makes purchasing tickets easy if you plan to visit one of these locations in advance a breeze.

MakeMyTrip travel booking

  • MakeMyTrip simplifies booking travel around India by eliminating the need to search through multiple transport websites. With MakeMyTrip, you can plan a stress-free vacation.
  • Travelocity is a widely-used online travel app that offers various services, such as airline tickets, international and local holiday packages, accommodation reservations and bus/train tickets.
  • Over 10 million users worldwide enjoy exclusive discounts for hotel bookings and other services. You can save up to 45% on all online bookings!

MakeMyTrip provides a wealth of features, such as cheap flights, hundreds of hot deals and international airlines. Additionally, its user-friendly interface, quick browsing capabilities and Tripadvisor ratings and reviews allow for last-minute bookings to be made with ease.

Additionally, it has an intuitive map system that helps users locate their favorite spots around the world.

MakeMyTrip stands out with PCI DSS compliance for faster, safer payment options than other apps. With minimal hassle management of your holiday plans, MakeMyTrip is an ideal app that you should give a try!

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