7 Great Tips to Book City to City Bus Tickets

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7 Great Tips to Book City to City Bus Tickets

Travel costs can quickly add up, especially when planning a vacation. Although planes and cars can be easily accessed, buses offer a cheaper alternative. You can save up to half the cost of regular transportation by planning ahead and City Bus Tickets being flexible. You don’t know where to begin? These 7 helpful tips will help you choose the right time to book your bus tickets.

Research Your Trip Online

There are many bus companies that offer service to various destinations. You should ensure that the service you select has a route that will take you to your desired destination. Jefferson Lines offers daily service to these 14 States.

To Get a Lower Rate, Book in Advance

It is best to book in advance. Even better is to book as soon in advance as possible. Bus companies often offer discounted fares for early buyers. Jefferson Lines offers the following discounts:

  • 7-day advance purchase (5% off)
  • Affordable Options for Last Minute Buyers

Passengers can often receive discounts based upon their age, military or veteran status. This is a great way for last minute buyers to save money since these discounts can’t be combined with advance purchases. Check out the full list of discounts by clicking here.

Flexible when choosing your date

Flexibility with departure dates is key to saving money. Many transportation options go out of business during peak travel times, like holidays and weekends. They also charge more for peak hours such as Saturdays. Jefferson Lines has a higher charge for weekends and holidays so booking on the weekend can be more cost-effective.

Enjoy Future Discounts and Deals

Register for email offers and discounts to help you find future city-to city bus tickets. These will be sent straight to your inbox, so you’ll always be the first to learn. Here is how to sign up for special offers and discounts from Jefferson Lines

Know Your Options for Purchasing

Online ticket purchases have become the most popular way to purchase tickets. Jefferson Lines also offers over-the-phone, in person and prepaid tickets orders (the option to send tickets in another city).

Preparation for Your Trip

It is important to be familiar with policies before you leave. This will help make your departure smoother and set the tone of the trip. Jefferson Lines recommends that you arrive 15-30 minutes before your departure time. Make sure you check the baggage policies and bus amenities so that you don’t get caught off guard.

It is possible to find affordable bus options by doing some research and planning early. Let’s face it, the bottom line is this: Book earlier to get cheap bus tickets. This will allow you to spend less on transportation and more money on your actual vacation.

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