Lockdown boosts “Rimmers Music” sales

Rimmers Music revealed that it saw its sales of musical instruments double during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company also found that searches for “learn guitar”, “guitar for beginners” and “learn guitar”, were both quadrupled in the UK.

Rimmers’ March-to-July sales data shows which instruments budding musicians are most eager to learn while locked down at home. The most popular instrument was the guitar, followed by keyboards, pianos and drums.

Cathy Tate, coowner of Rimmers music festivals, stated: “We are so grateful for all our loyal clients who continued to shop online while our stores were closed. Although lockdown was a difficult time for many, it’s encouraging to see that many Brits are now ready to purchase an instrument and will soon be able to enjoy a new hobby and skill.

Rimmers Music was established in 1978 and has six stores in England’s North West, one in Edinburgh.

We Can Teach you To Play

Because of their similar playing styles and similarities, the guitar teachers at all 8 Rimmers Music Schools in the North West can also teach you how to play the ukulele. It is a good idea to teach small children how to play the ukulele first before learning to play the guitar. The instrument’s size makes it easier to use with smaller hands.

Bury-based Rimmers Music has seen a surge in sales of the ukulele.

Rimmers Music, Bury, has seen the popularity of the 19th-century string instrument rise in recent years.


Laura Fletcher is the manager of the shop. She stated that “sales of the Ukulele have increased over three years.”

“The instrument can be purchased by anyone from primary school children to retirees, and all ages are eligible.

We also offer music lessons, and students of all ages can take them.” Miss Fletcher stated that the popularity of the instrument was due to the television coverage and its inclusion in mainstream music fools. Fender’s boss said that there has been an “explosive increase” in ukulele sales. He also stated that Fender was improving its digital content business to draw more customers.


The prices for the instrument can be as low as PS25 or as high at hundreds of pounds.Miss Fletcher stated: “I believe some find it easier and you don’t have to know music language to use it.” “I play a lot and I like the sound of it.” She said, “We are always having to renew our stock since we sell so many Ukuleles.”

Andy Mooney, chief executive at Fender, stated that 1.5 million ukuleles have been sold in the USA. “The category is absolutely exploding at the moment, which makes me feel very good. “One reason a lot of guitar players quit (the guitar), is that they have picked up the wrong instrument to start with.

“I have a 10-year-old daughter and she shouldn’t be playing a 6-string electric guitar now. It is likely to turn her off for the rest of her life.”

iPad taken from Rimmers Music Shop in Goodwin Street

On Wednesday, the family-run Rimmers Music Shop in Goodwin Street was broken into.

According to the store manager, a colleague had been following the man around the store and even talking with him about lessons in piano but had left him alone so that he could “make an international phone call”.

Manager said that he made his way to the piano showroom at the ground floor. My colleague followed him. He spoke to my colleague about pianos for approximately 10 minutes. He said that he was interested in lessons for my daughter.

“Then, he said, “I have a call, can you have a minute?” He was polite and left my colleague in the fitness showrooms.

“We can see that he didn’t make the call. He walked past the display with an iPad attached to a bracket on a steel arm.

He looked both ways, and he had ripped the iPad from his arm and placed it in a bag. He then walked up to the front door, took out his phone to pretend he was on it and said “I really need to go.”

Staff discovered that the iPad was missing on the same day, and they called police at 3.50pm.

The store manager hoped that someone would recognize the man from the cctv cameras.

Rimmers have been targeted before.

A set of mixing tables was stolen in May during another daytime burglary.

According to the manager, the incident led to the man being caught by police and forced into paying for the item.

Anybody with information regarding the theft should dial 101, quoting crime code 186697R/18.

Yamaha announces a piano partnership with Rimmers Music

After the announcement of Yamaha’s piano partnership, Bolton’s Goodwin Street showroom will be a national piano centre of excellence.

This showroom is the second to be awarded the title in the UK, the first being in central London.

The showroom and piano hall have been renovated and will be the first outside London dealership to display Yamaha’s award-winning CFX Concert Grand. It will also include Yamaha instruments from the Silent’ series, AvantGrand & ‘Hybrid’ pianos, Disklavier & ‘Player’ keyboards, and Clavinova digital pianists.

Rimmers will announce a series regular events, including masterclasses, recitals, and a scheme that will assist young pianists in the north west. The store will provide practice and teaching rooms for local pianists who want to access the finest grand pianos.

Rimmers must have demonstrated a high level of customer service and staff expertise to be eligible for a partnership. Yamaha piano technicians train all staff.


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