Music Plaza: An urban intervention of EFFEKT

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Danish architectural studio EFFEKT designed an urban square in Copenhagen’s Amager. It is ideal for Music Plaza, events and other aspects of city life. It’s a dynamic public space that was created in dialogue with its users.

I look forward to Sinus Lynge’s lecture at EFFEKT architectural studio, and the conference Piantiamo il Seme dell’Architettura che Verra (We sow seeds of architecture to come), that will take place in Florence on 13 April 2018. It will be hosted by GreenHub cultural association, sponsored by IRIS Ceramica and supported by Tuscany Region. Here is another project from this Danish studio.

It is an urban intervention. This is a place-making initiative that was carried out in Amager. Amager is an area in the south/south of Copenhagen that was once a working-class neighbourhood that is rapidly changing. The Music Plaza is an urban space that’s dedicated to music and many other activities. The idea behind the Music Plaza was to create a flexible, open space that would welcome everyone and offer diverse events. In short, it was designed to be an urban area where creativity, culture, and city life can flourish.

This space was created for a local community. The institutions and architects immediately engaged the users of the project with a participatory approach, similar to the one used in Italy to apply the concept “active citizenship” to local planning. Dialog with the community was key to the success of an active public space that integrates into the neighborhood life.

The Music Plaza was developed over three stages. The first is an unifying floor that connects existing buildings. It also creates the second element which consists of new stages and amphitheatres. The existing buildings that overlook the plaza are transformed by EFFEKT in order to better incorporate it into the urban context and create new connections between indoor-outdoor activities.

A pavilion built over one of the stages is the true architectural landmark and point of reference of the Music Plaza. It was inaugurated in May 2016 and completed in May 2016. This pavilion is a landmark outdoor covered event space. It has steel curtains that allow for flexible spaces for different events as well as a community multipurpose space.

Abernethy’s: DTLA Gets a Culinary Revolving door from the Music Plaza Renovation

A group of community leaders teamed up 50 years ago to bring LA’s performing arts center to life. This juggernaut was possible only because Dorothy Chandler raised over 30 million dollars. Chandler, a feminist who was ahead of her time and deeply involved in the shaping of the city we love and know today, was a huge part in shaping our city. Chandler is still regarded as the true matriarch in LA’s arts scene. She saved the Hollywood Bowl in 1950 and brought the parties together to create the The Music Center.

The Plaza at The Music Center is now thriving in an age that has changed significantly from when it was first realized. Three new dining and drinking options will be available amid the iconic dancing fountains. Go Get em Tiger has opened their third location, serving their famous coffee, and their signature concoctions. Christiaan Rolleich, author and true virtuoso in the modern cocktail, will be leading Mullin Wine Bar. He will feature a curated wine list from local wine shops as well as custom-crafted cocktails made by some of LA’s top libational professionals. The experience will expand atop Armani marble, dark wood and offer both an early or late happy hour as a way to start or end an evening.

Abernethy’s is set to be the hottest new DTLA restaurant. Abernethy’s is a unique restaurant experience, even in one of the most crowded markets in the world. Each quarter will see a new chef and menu, which will bring blended culture and an inclusive element to the forefront. Shirley Chung, a Beijing-born and Chinese-American former Top Chef contestant, will be the first chef to join the rotation upon its grand Music Plaza opening on September 5. Shirley Chung made a name for herself in Napa Valley at The French Laundry’s culinary externship. She later opened Bouchon in Las Vegas and Guy Savoy in Caesar’s Palace. Jose Andreas brought her to Chino poblano. She was known as “The Opener” because of this.

Shirley says, “I read a lot about Chinese cuisine growing up. But I never actually followed a Chinese chef to learn how Chinese food is prepared in a commercial kitchen.” “I don’t cook according to any Chinese region because I think I’m American and shouldn’t be following those rules.

Chung, who spent 13 years living in Las Vegas and had two Top Chef runs before opening Miss Chi Cafe in Downtown Culver City last year. After Abernethy’s completion, many big names in the culinary world Music Plaza like Chef Susan Feniger (Border Grill & ), and Chef Niki Nakayama(N/Naka), along with tastemakers like TV writer/producer Phil Rosenthal, and food writer/editor Russ Parsons voted Shirley into the restaurant. They also voted in each of the featured chefs after tasting the city to determine the best lineup.