Travel Coffee Maker: Making Coffee on the Go

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Do you remember a time when you went to a guest house or hotel and had delicious coffee? I haven’t. The morning buffet usually tastes like leftover dishwater and charcoal juice. I had enough of it a few years ago. I stopped drinking airline coffee, hotel coffee, and all other lousy coffees.

I decided that I would brew my own butter coffee fast on the road using a travel coffee machine, regardless of how difficult it might be. It’s easy to become a travel barista, I discovered. A portable coffee maker is a great option for travelers.

  • It is much cheaper than the often overpriced Americano airport.
  • It tastes better, unless you compare it to a third-wave coffee shop.
  • It’s fun. It’s exciting for me to try new places.

It connects people. After seeing your amazing brewing skills, your sideman will be on the plane and will try to establish a conversation.

What equipment are you looking for?

Before we discuss how to brew on the road, let us briefly address equipment. Before you can be a true coffee traveler, you will likely need to invest a little.

  • Manual grinder

If you are looking to make great coffee at the go, a good hand grinder will be a solid foundation. Fresh coffee is always better than brewed, so this step is important. There are many manual grinders available today. The cheapest grinder will cost you around $15, while the most expensive can run up to $300.

The manual grinder may not be your daily go-to. You can save money and opt for something simpler like the Porlex Mini. It is lightweight and fits in the Aeropress.

Travel Coffee Maker

Next, you will need a brewer to make your coffee. This is where things get interesting, as there are many choices in this age. I would choose something durable and portable. These are the top travel coffee maker.

Aeropress is the standard for traveling baristas, and it’s a top choice when looking for the best travel coffee maker. The Aeropress is a simple device that can be used to make coffee.

It’s lightweight and durable because it is made from plastic. The Aeropress is 7.98 oz. This is quite respectable. It is smaller than a well-rolled shirt and takes up less space in your suitcase.

  • Munieq Tetra Drip

Munieq Tetra Drip, a pour-over device that was designed for travelers, is available. It is made up of three pieces of steel or plastic that can be easily assembled into a triangle-shaped pour over cone. This brewer takes up virtually no space in your luggage. It weighs approximately the same weight as a toothbrush depending on its size and materials.

This brewer is a little more difficult to use than the Aeropress. It requires a kettle that can be brewed with greater precision and has a stable surface.

If you love espresso, the Cafflano Kompresso is a great option. This coffee maker for travel is a real gamechanger. It is small in size, but it produces a delicious espresso with real crema. It’s a wonderful experience to get espresso while hiking in the wilderness.

How to make coffee in various settings?

It’s not difficult to make coffee outside of your home. This is a common misconception. You can enjoy coffee in all situations by bringing your favorite travel coffee maker and beans.

  • Hotels

Many people like to have their morning coffee in the morning. This means you will likely end up making many different coffees at different hotels. At least 90% of hotels have an electric kettle. This has been the standard for hotels since the introduction of the minibar and the ‘do NOT disturb’ sign.

Sometimes, when you travel to distant countries, you may find yourself in a hotel without an electric kettle. You can call room service, or go to the lobby and get hot coffee.

  • Transit areas and airports

You’re tired, it’s afternoon, and you are stuck at an airport or similar location. What are you going to do? You brew coffee, naturally! In Asia, which I’ve traveled extensively, hot water is often available free of charge in public places. A portable coffee maker is a great option for travelers.

  • Coffee on a plane

All coffee lovers should join the Mile High Aeropress Club at some point in their lives. Although you might have heard of another club with a similar name to this one, it is possible to join without being embarrassed. It’s really easy. You can just bring your Aeropress, manual grind, and beans with you on your next flight. Ask for hot water from the cabin crew and then brew your coffee using your travel coffee maker with the inverted position.


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