Ice Skating Party Games

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Winter birthdays are not an option for children. However, they can celebrate the season with an ice-skating party. Even for beginners, these skating games are twice the fun on the ice. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: We want to design and develop products at a reasonable price that will allow you to kinderspiele für draußen enjoy and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and global sphere.

Four Corners

This game’s beauty is that the “out” is determined by randomness, rather than based on skill. It’s great for younger skaters or those who are not as strong on the ice. To play:

Each corner of the ice-skating rink should be numbered. Place the numbers on small pieces and write them inside an ice skate.

You can play music while your children skate around the rink. But, you must stop the music at random intervals. Everyone must move to the corner when the music stops.

Take one of the notes from the ice skate, and then call the number. All players in this corner are out of the game.

Place the paper in the skate and start playing the music. Continue until there is only one remaining skater. The winner is that player.

Freeze skate

This game can be played in a similar way to freeze dance, a classic party game.

Children can skate to the music however they like, or even perform their favorite moves.

All skaters must remain still when the music stops. The last player to stop freezing is out.

The game continues until only one player is left on the ice. The winner is the last player to leave the ice.

Skate Chain

This game requires strength and coordination. It’s best for those who are older or have some experience on the ice.

As a conga line, have your children line up with their arms around each other’s waists.

You can play some music, and the children will dance around the rink as they are linked in a chain.

Gradually increase your music’s speed and challenge your skaters to keep up with it. All children who break the chain or let go of it are out.

The game continues until there are only two remaining players. They are the winners.


  • This is a new twist on the traditional skate race.
  • Place two children behind the starting line.

These skaters will take three steps to start the race. Then they will glide across the ice until they stop. The player who glides farest wins.

Continue to compete in pairs of 2 until everyone has had their turn.

The winners will then go up against each other to determine who can glide the furthest and win the game.

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