These are the perfect ideas for children entertainment at your wedding

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Entertainment at weddings is one of them! While family weddings are great for celebrating with your closest and dearest, many couples forget to consider the needs of their children during planning. You want your children to be entertained at your wedding, so hire a child entertainer! Our pre-made scavenger-hunting games can be used indoors and outdoors for large or small parties. Everything is included and delivered directly to you by email. Treasure hunts are a fun game that lasts about 40 minutes and can be rightly called the most delicious dessert. There are many themes that you can choose from, and the story and riddles speurtocht opdrachten are tailored to the age of the children, which is 4-6 years old or 7-10 years. Simple enough for you, and great for the kids!

Your children will remember your wedding day as an enjoyable and memorable event if there is an entertainer available and a designated area to play. Instead of one where they had to be still and quiet.

To see if there are packages or entertainment options for children, visit our Children’s Parties’ page. Continue reading to learn more about how to include your younger guests and keep them entertained on your special day.

Other Activities

You don’t have to hire an entertainer to keep your children happy at the wedding reception. Here are some great ways to keep them entertained throughout the day.

* Ceremony I Spy – Little ones can get bored at a wedding ceremony. Keep them busy with ‘Ceremony I Spy. Make a list of the items in your wedding venue that children can spot during the nuptials. You can keep your children quiet and entertained while you are busy saying “I do!”

* Little Photographers – Ask your children to assist you with your wedding photographs. Your children will need a disposable camera, a badge or lanyard that says ‘press’ and some other items to help them get out and have fun mixing and taking great (or not so great!) photos. Wedding snaps

* Fun Food – Offer kid-friendly foods. Even better, you might offer DIY desserts such as ice cream machines that allow children to add their own toppings and sprinkles.

* Give the kids a goody bag to take home during the reception. This keeps them busy and keeps the little ones quiet during speeches.

Pass the Parcel can be played if you include a small prize such as a bag of candy or a toy in between each layer. You should also be careful about when the music stops. This will ensure that everyone gets a prize.

Interactive Entertainment

If you don’t feel like entertaining yourself, we can help. A children’s entertainer is a great way to ensure that your child’s party is fun and entertaining. This is something we do all of the time. All children can be included in a sit-down or interactive entertainment show. No matter what party theme or type you choose, your child will be entertained by one of our amazing entertainers. They will have all the children participating with their balloon modeling, magic tricks, funny puppet shows, comedy and other great party activities.

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