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Are you looking for a travel potty or a seat?

First, determine if the toilet seat or potty is best for your child. Finding the right Travel potty is crucial for your child to use. You should also consider other toilet training products. Do not rush to buy a potty for your toddler if you feel it is time. These are some tips for parents to get the most out of your potty purchase.

Let them make the decision.

First, it is important to realize that toilet training is about your child and not you. You shouldn’t be afraid to get the Travel potty your child loves even if it isn’t matching the drapes. It’s their chance to shine. For clearwater travel plaza when you’re out and about, smaller potties can be carried with you.

They are generally smaller and less tall, so it is easier for toddlers to hop on and off. However, their feet must be in contact with the ground. Your toddler will be more attracted to great colours and designs than the traditional toilet. It also gives them ownership and involvement. Your toddler can use the Travel potty anywhere they want. You should consider whether your toddler will use the potty in their living room.

There are some disadvantages to using a travel potty

It must be empty and cleaned every time it is used. This might not suit you if you don’t like cleaning up after your pet. You can clean up your potties with bags or other tools. You should actually try to involve your toddler as much as possible in this process. Young toddlers love it when you take them to the shops. But this time, it’s not about toys. It’s to help them choose a potty they will actually like to use.

Benefits of using a travel potty

It might be tempting for your child to use it in their play space, but it can become unhygienic and it will not make it easier to wash hands afterward.

It’s made of plastic so it will end up at the dump. It is not a good idea to sell second-hand potties on eBay. It is possible that you will end up purchasing a toilet seat.

Before you buy

Participate them in the decision-making process. You can make them feel special by asking them to choose a toilet. This will eliminate any frustration that may arise from bringing home a potty they don’t like. You can’t go wrong by allowing your toddler to choose the potty they like.

Here are some key potty characteristics to be aware of:

It should be large enough to allow your child to comfortably sit on it, even for a prolonged period of time.


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