Slide Issue “Travel Supreme”

The Select’s galley has appliances to create a residential experience.Such as a GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator or a two-burner electric stove with glazed topA GE Profile microwave oven with convection. Eight Heart Travel Supreme Freedom 2000 inverters.It is possible to use deep-cycle house batteries as well as a 12.5-kW Onan Diesel AC genset.You can use any electric appliance on the coach for long periods of time, even while you are boondocking.

It broke when the slide reached travel potty its maximum length. I finally was able to replace it. It appeared that the controller wasn’t properly stopping the slide.The controller was replaced in the purchase of the trailer from ppl Motorhomes Houston, so it is now 4 years old.It is easy to adjust (Pot), but I would like to hear from those who are more experienced. Do they succeed or fail?

The motor receives power and the drive direction reverses. I was just curious if there is something wrong with the electronics that isn’t stopping the slide from moving as it should. Although I could change the pot to see, I wanted to make sure before I tried breaking another clevis. To check CLEARWATER TRAVEL PLAZA if the stopper is working, can I use my meter?

It is difficult to replace the pin, and I don’t want it to come off again once I have it in those holes.

The slideout controller’s potentiometer has probably failed. The motor will continue turning until either the pin breaks off or the keyway in the motor shears. Mine was the same.

The potentiometer measures an increase in power when the slideout is in contact with the trailer. It then turns off the motor and shears the keyway or pin on the shaft.

  • RE: Why they break, I was told that it was the circuit board.
  • Travel Supreme Select 45

You must establish a niche to be successful in the highly competitive luxury motor coach market. It is no longer enough to have solid-surface countertops and leather upholstery. You must offer something that fills the market void — a product with features or a price that meets a specific need.

Travel Supreme believes the Select 45 diesel-pusher fulfills both of these requirements. The Select 45 diesel-powered bus conversion costs $1 million more than the Select, so it offers a similar experience to custom buses. But at half the price.

Glenn Troyer, president of Travel Supreme, stated that there was a gap in the market between what was considered a luxury motorhome and a bus conversion. “We thoroughly researched the market to Travel potty determine if we could bridge the gap and offer the features and quality people want in an affordable coach.


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