Clearwater Travel Plaza has been serving professional drivers and tourists alike since 1976. They are far enough from the Twin Cities to be able to avoid traffic chaos, but not too close to the city to be difficult to find. They are also the final entry in our Best Advertising Strategy series.

They are located just off Interstate 94 in Clearwater. This makes them a great stop for anyone who is traveling. It’s true, I mean it when I say that they have just about everything. Clearwater Travel Plaza is one-of-a-kind. Clearwater Travel Plaza is more than a simple gas station. They are a complete service travel plaza that includes a restaurant, bar, bakery and food court as well as a fuel center, fuel station, car wash, convenience store, car wash and fuel center. Cutting Edge Catering offers catering services.

Clearwater Travel Plaza is truly a one-stop shop Greyhound Bus Station.There’s a pub and a restaurant, as well as a gas station, convenience store, gas station and truckers’ lounge for professional drivers. They also have a bakery, gift shop and fuel center. So yes. They have plenty to offer.


Offers a lot of benefits to their customers. Travel Plaza’s advertising strategy focuses on this. But it’s not what one would expect. They have thousands of products and services, but they only offer one per ad. They choose one thing to dramatize. For example, they might be known for their Happy Hour appetizer specials


Clearwater Travel Plaza is different than other travel agencies. They are truly unique. They are a truck stop. They are a bakery. They are a restaurant/pub. They are a gas station. They are a catering company. They offer a lot of services to travelers. They could have a slogan like “For all of your travel needs!” but that won’t make them memorable.

Travel Plaza decided to dramatize the whole thing by focusing on one bite at a moment. All of their ads are voiced by the same man and end with their sing-out jingle. The radio scripts are filled with unusual and unexpected words that paint a vivid mental picture in the listener’s mind of what the narrator describes.

This is another reason they are different. Their voice guy’s delivery is distinctive. He isn’t a screamer for cars, nor a “radio guy” with a huge voice. He’s just a guy who has his own style. He’s candid and casual, telling it-like-it is. It’s reminiscent of the Tom Bodett advertisements for Motel 6.

Clearwater Travel Plaza will immediately identify the person in the radio ad. Their voice is distinctive and their message is clear. This is the power of consistency. If you do the same thing repeatedly enough times, your customers will remember you.


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