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Tokyo is long considered one of the most important cities in the world. With the Olympics rapidly approaching, Tokyo is becoming a popular destination for tourists!

Stay in luxury at the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo if you are planning a trip this incredible city. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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  • The Hotel

Although there are many establishments within Tokyo that belong to the Tobu Hotel group, the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is truly unique. The Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is a luxurious, high-quality hotel.

It is located next to the Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest tower in the world. – this hotel offers a more-than-comfortable stay. The hotel’s exceptional location, grand design, and unsurpassed customer service will exceed your expectations.

  • The Rooms

Japan’s hotel rooms are often small and reflect the country’s “space-efficient” culture. The Tobu Hotel Levant, however, is one of the few hotels that offer a variety of rooms with multiple (sizable!) beds. The spaciousness of the hotel is a pleasant surprise and a delight for families, couples, and friends who are travelling together.

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The Sky Tree’s stunning views from the rooms are not only a draw for foreigners. You can also use your in-room smartphone with data free of charge to make international calls or to explore the city. There are no international fees to worry about on your phone bill.

  • Restaurants

Two restaurants are thoughtfully placed in the hotel to compliment each other and make your stay memorable. The penthouse REN restaurant has stunning views of Tokyo’s Skyline and Sky Tree. REN offers a memorable dining experience with exquisite Japanese cuisine and steak.

The VERDURE buffet is a great choice for those days when convenience and time are important. You can see the chefs at work as they prepare a wide variety of food, drinks, and treats.

  • Localization

The hotel’s convenient location makes it easy to get to tourist destinations by train. It is only a short distance from the Kinshicho central train station. The hotel is also located on the designated airport limo bus route between Narita and Haneda airports. This is a nice surprise for anyone who is a little intimidated by public transport in foreign countries.

Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is located right across the street of 7-Eleven, the holy grail in Japanese fast food. There are also many amazing restaurants nearby, making it easy to find quality food any time of the day. For those who want to relax and enjoy Japanese culture, it is an advantage to be able to walk to several onsen.

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  • Amenities

The hotel has all the amenities you would expect, but I was very surprised at the variety of amenities that made my stay even more comfortable.

I was given a mini-fridge in my room with complimentary drinks, wifi and all toiletries. It could have been left at home. Other services such as currency exchange or massages on Tokyo Disney shuttles are available upon request. During the evenings, live music is available in the lobby.

Things to Do in the Nearby Area

Sky Tree: Tobu Hotel Levant can be found just a short walk from Sky Tree, one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions.

  • Tokyo Disney: Tokyo Disney is a quick shuttle ride from your hotel.
  • Shopping: Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo, just a short train ride from Akihabara’s tech hub, Shibuya and Harajuku’s unique shopping district, is home to Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo.
  • TeamLab Museums: The internationally-known TeamLab interactive museums are a must-visit when in Tokyo. They are only a 30-minute train ride from the city.

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The hotel is located within a short distance of almost every district and attraction. You can reach Tokyo Station in just 15 minutes and be at all the attractions the city has to provide.

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