Three Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal

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The perfect destination proposal is one of the most romantic gestures you will ever make. You will not only be showing your love and putting your heart on the line, but you will also be proposing to your partner in a beautiful location that will make your proposal unforgettable.

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No matter where you decide to propose, it is important to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Travel is by its very nature can throw curveballs your way that you might not have thought of at home. These are the three most important tips to help you plan your perfect destination proposal.

Make Far-In Advance

Planning far in advance is the best way to plan the perfect destination proposal.

Start your journey by selecting the ideal destination. You’ll want to pick a place that is meaningful to you both, and you will also need to consider the type of trip.

Are you going to a beautiful island that allows you to relax and recharge? Are you going to climb a mountain? Are you going on a group trip and visiting tourist hotspots together? Or will you do something special for you both?

Your planning and your proposal options will be greatly affected by where and how you travel. So make sure you choose wisely!

Next, secure an engagement ring. You’ll need to have your ring ready at least one month before you travel. You will need to insure it. It is important to have a plan for if your precious cargo goes missing when you travel abroad.

It’s a good idea to carry the ring with you in your bag and keep it close by your body at all times. If you are concerned about your partner seeing the ring, you can ask the TSA agents for confidentiality. Or write a note to the box to let the agents know that it is safe to keep private.

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Know your location and surroundings

Second, get to know your surroundings and location before you propose. To find out where you can propose, do some research on the laws of your country.

Proposing in a sacred place is not a good idea. There are also places around the world where you might be unable to afford a ring. It may be difficult to get quality photos if you propose in a tourist area.

Relationship experts recommend that you propose early on your trip. This will allow you to be energetic and have the opportunity to celebrate the engagement while you are still in Europe. However, I suggest that you do a location-scout before you leave so that the perfect spot is found.

You may feel nervous about proposing and setting up the perfect scene. Knowing what to expect at your venue will help to ease the nerves.

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Ask for Help

Last but not least, I would recommend asking for help when planning your perfect destination proposal. There are many romantics around the globe. Asking for help can make sure your proposal goes smoothly.

First, coordinate with your accommodation. Many hotels and resorts offer luxurious amenities to newly engaged couples who stay at their property. You could get a bottle of champagne, rose petals bath, a trip at the spa, a photographer or a recommendation for the most romantic spot to propose.

Coordinate with a photographer. A photographer can take amazing photos of you while on vacation. The photographer will be able to suggest the most beautiful locations for you and your significant other, so they may not suspect that your intentions are shady.

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Last, don’t be afraid to explore other options. Sometimes plans can go wrong and it’s not easy to plan a proposal. You can always have a Plan B and there are many people who will help you plan the perfect proposal.