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 Are you thinking of taking a vacation but you are not sure of the destination? Do you need an Environment that will make all your problems disappear? Welcome to hotel central jakarta 

. Ayana Midplaza hotel is a 5-star hotel located on a Highrise building in Jakarta’s Julan Sudirman Central business district, in Indonesia allowing its customers to experience easy access to the city’s shopping centers and entertainment joints.

There are many reasons why you should choose Ayana hotels as your vacation destination. This article will look into a few of them:

1.     Vacation in a Business Environment.

Do you ever dream of working in an environment of maximum comfort? Do you need a break from your office? Try Ayana Midplaza! Due to its location, Ayana Midplaza hotel’s environment is comprised of shopping centers, offices and businesses, therefore, most of its customers are businessmen. The hotel is thus equipped with numerous meeting rooms and facilities which allow one to work while putting your comfort needs as the number one priority.  It is therefore ideal for hosting business meetings and seminars providing a place where Business meets pleasure.

2.     Great booking benefits and offers.

Ayana Midplaza hotel has numerous offers and discounts based on the type of package they choose with a 10% discount on direct booking. Whether it’s a business package, suite package or a weekend gate-away, the hotel will grant you a memorable experience for your accommodation. It also has great dining offers; the hotel has world class chefs who prepare special treats almost daily with different foods from around the world. The chefs also offer cooking classes to enable customers prepare the delicacies when they go back home.

3.     Award winning Accommodations.

The hotel’s management did not spare any expense in ensuring the suites luxury, fitting it with separate dining area, living area, kitchen and a small minibar. The bedroom is fitted with king sized beds and a marble bathroom. The rooms are however designed to meet the expectations of customers whether families or individual people. They also have Executive rooms which incorporates Jakarta’s most stylish business culture. This has allowed the hotel to win several awards for hotel with the best accommodation facilities.

4.     SPA and Skin Treatments.

 Do you that feeling you get when you come from work exhausted and really feel the need for a massage or body scrub?  At Ayana Midplaza, spa services including massages, body scrubs and other modern treatments are offered on a daily basis. This helps the customers unwind after a busy day or after doing some strenuous activities. Their skin treatments involve use of natural botanicals to ensure anti-aging facials and skin therapy ensuring smooth and healthy skins for the clients. These treatments are carried out by skilled and well-trained therapists to ensure best services.

5.     World class facilities.

The hotel is fitted with numerous recreational facilities. This includes a fully fitted and modern gym and aerobic center which gives customers the chance to remain fit despite the hotel being at the Central Business District. The gym is run by well trained fitness instructors and allows customers to get private instructors to ensure they are trained by the best. It also has a world class swimming pool with shady umbrellas to relax and a pool gazebo where loved ones can enjoy a romantic dinner. The gazebo can also be used for weddings and other social events. For those who are not ‘water lovers’ the hotel has an open-air tennis court and an indoor squash court where customers can play and let off some steam. All these facilities are maintained by qualified professionals ensuring that customers enjoy the value for their money.


The reasons above are a few of the many benefits and luxuries enjoyed at Ayana Midplaza hotel Jakarta showing that this hotel provides value for your money. If you are ever to take a vacation, Ayana hotels should be your first destination.

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