Nutritional Supplements For Pain Management

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When I got into an accident and sprained my neck, the doctors said the pain would go away as long as I took the muscle relaxers and pain medication. Three months later, the pain did not go away, and I found every day to be almost unbearable. I discovered that if I didn’t find a way to lessen the pain, the situation would escalate.

Physical Therapy & Sleep Wasn’t Enough

Wondering if I’d ever feel normal ever again, I learned from an Advanced Chiropractic Biophysics spine doctor in Atlanta that I needed to find foods, drinks, and vitamin supplements and use them daily. A CBP chiropractor knows more about just the spine and can include meal plans that help you work towards your goals.

Do Your Research & Experiment Wisely

Not every meal plan and nutritional supplement will work for everyone, and you may need to talk with your doctor before mixing vitamins with your prescribed medication. Too much of a good thing can cause harm.

Follow Directions & Stick With It

I’m not a doctor, but I am a sufferer of chronic pain. It’s true that when I eat the wrong foods, such as sugar, the pain gets worse and when I eat healthily and take my vitamins I have a more relaxed day with less pain. It’s essential that once you find a way to reduce your pain, that you stay with the program, otherwise you risk the chance of welcoming back the pains.

Find These Vitamins On Your Labels

The list below is meant to be a guideline for you to pick and choose what you can find in your local store. It’s crucial that you try and obtain these vitamins in foods and drinks first as it’s easier for our bodies to process nutrients from plants than it is from a pill. Don’t take too many vitamins at once, always eat food before taking any supplements, and always read the label as some may thin your blood or not be safe for your particular diagnoses.

B-12 *
Flax *

Turmeric *

Cayenne Pepper *

Comfrey *
Bromelain *

Ginger *

Omega-3 *

Rosemary *

Vitamin D *










White Willow Bark

Proteolytic Enzymes

Probiotics *

Devils Claw

Essentials To Take Everyday

Marked above in asterisks are supplements that can be taken every day to regenerate nerves, tendons, and joints. The list provided is an incomplete guide to natural options that can replace the daily need for over-the-counter painkillers. The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is essential to take every day as it aids your body in absorbing other nutrients you consume. Do your research and purchase the herbal supplements that you can afford. You do not need to purchase every supplement listed above; try a few and see how you feel.

Find An Advanced CBP Chiropractor

No matter what injury or pains you’ve been suffering, most CBP chiropractors incorporate physical therapy and exercise routines specific to your medical condition as well as meal guides and nutritional plans for pain management. Different from a general chiropractor, a CBP spine specialist can help you to avoid surgery due to chronic pain and other sports injuries or auto accidents. For more ways to feel better faster, find a CBP doctor and say goodbye to chronic pain naturally.

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