Infant adoption; the pros and cons

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If you are considering infant adoption, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before making a decision:

Pro: You are saving a life
The adoption screening process should find parents who are ready to handle the responsibility of an infant while excluding those who cannot bear the stress. When a good family adopts a child, he receives the affection and care essential to have a good babyhood and into youth. A baby will grow up in the household, and if the parents have children of their own, they must be ready to accept an adopted child. Infants need to get to experience the harmony of family life with their adoptive relations.
Pro: You are supporting a mother
In a lot of the cases, adoption will deliver reimbursements to the birth mother. In today?s world, the birth mother is sometimes a single teen parent who would fight and struggle for herself and the baby, while completing her education and doing a job at the same time. At other instances, the parents are bodily or coldly impotent to nurture the baby. Adoptive parents will normally provide for medical care for a new birth and bear the complete payments concerning the legal procedure. Thereby, when these parents lay off their parental rights for adoption purposes, they are in quest of the assistance that shall give their baby the life that they cannot.

Pro: The family gains a member
Adopting a baby can have several reasons to it. Some people perceive it as a community or religious obligation to develop their family with an adoptive child. Some couples are unable to have a biological child and they want to complete their family therefore they turn to adoption. Then there are women who are not up for pregnancy, or couples who feel that adoption is a better way to start a family than to have one of their own.
Con: It is a difficult job
Adopting a baby is not a piece of cake for the parents. You need to start off with finding an agency that is best suited to your needs and then you can file an application that you want to adopt a baby. Typically, a two month long surveillance protocol needs to be completed in order to make sure that you can raise a baby and that you are well suited to be parents. If you are cleared in the process, you shall be put on a waiting list of parents; this may take from days to years before a baby can come to your house. Sometimes, you may be notified that a baby is up for adoption but the birth parents might reverse the decision.
Con: It?s quite expensive
Adoption is a costly thing to do. Adoption charges can start from $2500 and go up to $40,000! However, there are some allowances and tax credits that can help to tone down these numbers and offer some relaxation. Some companies also provide monetary help or paid leave to help with this procedure.
Con: Raising a baby
An adopted infant is your responsibility and raising him well can be a challenge. Although you treat the baby as your own, older siblings and other relatives may show hostile behavior that you need to cater and manage. When they are old enough to know about adoption, children could feel they are a trouble to the family or maybe they weren?t loved by their real parents hence they develop low self-esteem or misery. Then there may are infants who grow up to ask to meet their real parents and that can be bothersome to the adoptive parents. Sometimes, the real parents do not want to meet the child or they cannot be located which can in turn be more depressing to the child. You will probably converse over these problems and such parallel matters in the therapy leading up to your adoption.
Advantages of International Adoption
International adoption is the practice in which adoptive parents lawfully adopt a baby born in a different country. Though this may seem very cumbersome and difficult, there are a lot of benefits of this method of adoption. One plus to international adoption is that many babies born in less developed countries need a family to support them and they can be accommodated in loving families. Since these babies are born elsewhere, they are almost always orphans so you need not worry about the actual parents demanding money or reversing their decisions after you have accepted the baby. Furthermore, country to country adoption has relaxed rules than usual. For example, some countries permit single mothers, single fathers, and parents over 40 and same-sex couples to adopt a baby even if that is not really allowed in their country.

Disadvantages of International Adoption
Well, there are quite a lot of disadvantages too. The biggest issue at hand is of the time taken. Since two different nations are involved there are many legal procedures that need to be dealt with before the process can even begin to unfold. If the parents are working in tough jobs and routines, they have a hard time travelling and even paying for the service. While some international adoptions only need a limited days of travel, many countries have need of two weeks or more. In addition, medical history may be inadequate or absent in some conditions, and finding an infant to adopt can be quite challenging because the child needs to be orphaned in case of adoption by other country couples.

The Adoption Decision
Though the pros and cons are present, it is entirely a personal decision if you want to adopt or not. If adopting is significant to you, select the road that lodges your standard of living, monetary state and psychological feelings. Bear in mind that just as parents cannot really choose their birth children, many times you don?t have a choice in adopted children. Drawbacks can be evaded if you are open to the opportunity of adopting through foster care, accepting an older child, a special needs child or a child of any ethnicity or sex. Rigidity, a racial discriminatory mind and pick and choose can be hard for you.

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