What is a Hickey?

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Written By DanielHaldeman

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A Hickey is called a love bite or kiss mark, caused by biting, aggressive kissing or sucking of soft skin. Hickey normally happens around the neck or on the arm. Hickeys are often considered a mark of possession by the person giving them, and are seen as a kind of developing pleasure from inflicting pain. Throughout the body, you have many different types of blood vessels that help transport blood around, hickeys can vary in sizes depending on the damage done to the vessels that transmits blood which are called capillaries, and they are beneath the surface.

The blood that has collected and clotted under the skin is generally red at first because as it is no longer getting oxygen, the blood dries out and turns into a darker purple or brown color. Hickey can be sexual or non-sexual in nature and are generally very popular in high school. Hickeys can be embarrassing and inappropriate in social, professional, or family environments, they can as well be fun and passionate, and are generally not painful for the receiver however, they may often not be desired. The question now is how can hickey be gotten rid of?

This article is written to provide simple but efficient means through which hickey can be gotten rid of. Below are some of the way you can get rid of hickeys, just in case you find yourself having one.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps the body in absorbing cots of pooled blood, therefore, consuming foods high in Vitamin K such as spinach, broccoli, kale and brown rice, will greatly aid the body in absorb the clots of pooled blood, caused by your hickey.

Aloe Vera

Applying this plant is one of the surest ways through which hickey can be eliminated from the body. Aloe Vera plant is a natural moisturizer which is well known for its rejuvenating and healing properties and to minimize the effect of hickey on your skin, apply aloe vera herbal cream or gel onto the part of your skin where you have the hickey twice a day and allow it to sit for nothing less than 10 minutes before wiping it off.

Using the Back of a Cold Spoon

Another great means through which Hickey can be taken care of is by placing a cold spoon over the hickey. This tip is most effective when it done while the hickey is brand new. The logic behind it is that the cold spoon will assist in minimizing the seeping blood out of the vessels into the skin, this will greatly help in reducing the swelling.

Banana Peel

The inner part of a banana peel is a good coolant and it act as a good cure for hickeys. Using the inside of a banana peel to soothe the skin’s surface really help to heal the skin from hickey. Doing this is very simple, but you have to make sure the banana is ripe; you remove the peel and place it onto your part of your skin where you have the hickey for about thirty minute, redo this process for three times in a day and kiss your hickey goodbye.

These are some of the effective ways you can get rid of hickey without spending a whole lot of money and doing so without much stress.