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Types of Window Screens: Window screens are essential elements in a homestead, offering homeowners privacy and keeping out pests. Window mesh screens come in various designs, so it’s important to select one based on your preferences. While initially created to protect windows, they have since found other uses as well.

Window screens with larger mesh are specifically designed to keep mosquitos away. As mentioned previously, we offer various types of window screens; please reach out if you would like further details.

Aluminum Window Screens

Window screens are installed directly at the window opening’s frame and made of aluminum frames so they can be flipped up for ventilation. Their purpose is to keep pests and flying bugs away from your property during open seasons.

These window screens can help regulate your interior temperature instead of using a heater or air conditioner. Furthermore, these windows are perfect for blocking certain insects like rats and ants from accessing your house.

These windows come in a range of styles and can add great value to your property.

Fiberglass Window Screens

Fiberglass window screens are composed of glass fiber mixed with a composite material to form an energy efficient window screen. Popular choices due to their excellent insulation properties and energy efficiency, these window screens come in either metallic or non-metallic varieties.

Metallic window frames are more durable and secure, though more costly. Fiberglass window screens boast an insulated design that prevents heat loss. Insulating your windows helps lower energy bills too by keeping interior air cool during summertime.

Metal Window Screens

Metal window screens are composed of various metal alloys to form a fabric for building purposes. Dating back to the 16th century, metal screens were widely used in this capacity.

Homeowners should paint heavily-used screens before applying metal paint to extend their longevity. This coat protects from rust, keeping the screen active for many years.

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable window screens, also referred to as retractors, feature an easy-to-use design and protective layer on their exterior that protects them from scratching during retraction.

These screens are made with childproof material that attaches directly to your window.

Solar Window Screens

Installed on windows, solar window screens can block out up to 70% of heat from entering your property. Not only are these eco-friendly ways to cool our properties without increasing electricity bills, but they are also cost effective.

Solar window screens come in various designs, giving homeowners more choices when it comes to choosing what goes on their windows.

Privacy Window Screens

Privacy window screens offer natural light into a room while maintaining privacy. They cover your interior space’s windows and are often mounted on buildings’ exteriors for extra protection.

Final Thoughts

Window screens are essential in any family setup, and this article has covered all the important information about them. They come in various types, so take your time to learn all you can about them before investing.

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