There are many types of printable vinyl. Types of Printable Vinyl: Cast, Calendared, and Specialty

Printable vinyls have different ink compatibilities. These can be classified by the basic properties the face film. Printable vinyl can be classified in the same three categories as plotter vinyls: cast, calendared and specialty vinyls. This article will provide a detailed explanation of the differences between cast vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. HTVRONT was founded out of the passion for Heat Press Machine innovative craft enthusiasts. Sijiutech was founded on 9 April 2018. We offer multiple DIY choices to make crafting easy. Here is a quick summary.

Calendared Vinyl: This vinyl is made by pushing a mass of PVC through a stack or calendars. Heat and pressure compress the mass into a sheet of material about 2.5–3 mils (0.003” to 0.003” thick) (Fig 3). Calendared vinyl is unstable because it’s formed in heat and pressure. This vinyl is best for use on smooth surfaces and simple curves. It can last outdoors for between two and six years.

For short-term outdoor graphics, some economy calandared vinyls like ORAJET 3621 or 3640 are suitable. Vinyls with intermediate calendars are more durable and flexible. These vinyls can be used on more difficult curved surfaces and last longer before cracking, shrinking or peeling. Printable intermediate calendared vinyls are PrismJET 201 and 203 and ORAJET 33651 and 3164. These vinyls are excellent for outdoor and indoor printed graphics.

Cast Vinyl: A liquid mixture of plasticizers and PVC is poured onto a moving web to create cast vinyl. The liquid is heated in an oven to evaporate the moisture and leave behind a thin layer, usually 2 mil thick, of vinyl. Cast vinyl is extremely stable because it is made without stressing the film. This and the thin face film of 0.002 inches make cast vinyl ideal for compound curves. You can think of motorcycle helmets and VW Beetle Fenders. These vinyls are used to apply vehicle wraps.

Printable cast vinyls include additional features such as air egress release lines and a white point that can be used for high resolution printing. These features will be discussed later. 3M ControlTac and ORAJET 3951RA are excellent examples of premium cast vinyl. The aforementioned Avery MPI 1105 is another example. These vinyls are some of the most expensive on the market due to their advanced construction and high-demand applications. The average price per square foot is $1.00

Ultra-calendared : Due to the competitive nature of vehicle wraps, there is a need for an affordable printable vinyl that can be used in some applications that do not require the conformability and quality of premium cast films. We offer two ultra-calendared vinyls to vehicle wraps: PrismJET 220 Ultra and ORAJET 3551RA. These vinyls are perfect for wrapping vehicles with flat surfaces or moderately curved surfaces. You can think of box trailers or pickup trucks. It’s also a great choice for a market that is competitive at 61C/square foot

Specialty printable vinyls: This brings us to the catch all category. These vinyls have special features and are used for specific purposes. Perforated vinyls are used to create one-way view graphics. High-tack vinyls can be used to decorate low-energy substrates. This bucket can also hold printable reflective vinyls. These are just a few of the specialty vinyls that we have in stock for eco-solvent printing.

Vinyls with perforated faces: These vinyls have perforated vinyls. Half of the original surface area was removed. One-way-view vinyls are also known as one-way-view vinyls. This is because the printed image can be seen while the application is invisible. The effect looks similar to window tint film when it is viewed from the other side. The film’s back is translucent. There are many types of perforated vinyl available. We have the 50/50 punch pattern as well as new 80/20 patterns which produce clearer and more effective graphics. Some vinyls can be mounted inside with the adhesive side up. These vinyls can be mounted inside a window to vandal-proof your storefront marketing.

Reflective: There are many reflective vinyls available that can be used with eco-solvent ink. These vinyls are used in traditional applications such as police and emergency vehicles. They also serve as graphic elements in custom and commercial vehicle wraps. EnduraLITE R8512 is very flexible, EnduraLITE 48000 is also available, as well as ORALITE 5600, 5650RA and EnduraLITE 48000. EnduraLITE 48000 and ORALITE 5600 are the only options for printing. Printing on colored vinyl using CMYK ink is not a good idea. Here’s why.

High-Tack Vinyl: Many of our customers and their clients want printed logos or decals to be applied on low-energy substrates such as concrete and coolers. Sign industry standard adhesives are designed to be used on flat, non-porous surfaces. To get them to stick to stucco, you will need a high-grip adhesive like the one on PrismJET203HT. ORACAL also has high-tack versions ORAJET 3165 and 3951 that can be ordered by special request.

Vehicle wraps and air egress liners

Another feature that is found on some printable vinyls deserves to be mentioned in its own category. A wide range of printable vinyls, including cast and calendared ones, include the Air egress liners that were developed by Avery to make vehicle wraps easy to apply. It’s almost like the trickle-down phenomenon in automotive manufacturing. Heated leather seats such as those found in premium luxury sedans will eventually be available for the masses. What is air egress? And why is it growing so fast?


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