Carl Wheezer: A dimming, bespectacled man

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Carl Wheezer, a handsome and dim-witted boy who is Jimmy’s best friend, is bespectacled and a bright-eyed. Carl’s parents are allergic to many things, sometimes even to innocuous substances. His passion for llamas is a running gag throughout the series. He’s also cowardly and has a crush on Jimmy’s mom. This is evident in a number of episodes. He becomes obsessed with Judy and begins to show an interest in Hugh Neutron, Judy’s father. Planet Sheen features Doppy, an extraterrestrial character with similarities to Carl.

When his parents added a new cable channel, his obsession with the llama grew and he began to watch Llama Boy The Super Hero. He has been devoted to the llama since childhood. He even joined a fan club called The Llama Love Society to show his love.

Carl Wheezer is scared of germs and scary stories. Carl Wheezer is also known for having asthma. He is anxious about his many allergies and afraid of contracting any type of illness. When he’s tired, his mom warms milk and rubs his stomach.

He often shows off his vocal skills, performing improvised rhymes and poetry.

Carl Wheezer Official Description

Jimmy is Jimmy’s best friend. But Carl and Jimmy are more alike than they could ever be. Carl Wheezer is cautious, and well, kinda chicken. He’s also prone to wheezing, and carsickness. For show and tells, he displays his asthma inhaler, and Carl spends most of his time at the amusement park trying to outdo the guy who can guess allergies. Through it all, Carl remains Jimmy’s best friend and biggest fan. He also serves as the crash-test dummy to Jimmy’s array of inventions.

Carl has freckles and peach skin. He is characterized by his large head, which appears almost pear-shaped. His small, black eyes are fairly close together. His thick, red hair is short and dense. It forms clump-like structures at the top of his head with eyebrows that are the same color or texture.

His face and body are a sign that he is overweight. They are round and don’t reveal much about his skeletal structure. However, his legs and arms don’t appear to have held so much fat. His nose is long and round with large, brown-colored circular glasses. Under a shirt with a light orange and coral vertically striped top, he has orange suspenders that connect to his dark green jeans. A pair of loafers in light brown are also worn by him.

The movie doesn’t show Carl wearing his suspenders, but they are visible in the series.


Carl is very greedy and loves to eat food as well as objects like toys and newspapers. Carl Wheezer was drawn to a channel dedicated to llamas, and a show about Llama Boy the Super Hero, when his parents increased their cable lineup. Since then, he has been a huge fan of llamas, even joining a fan club called the Llama Love Society, which he probably created since he is the only one. He once even became a llama. He has asthma and is allergic to nearly everything. Jimmy’s brilliant ideas are often given by Carl Wheezer, unknowingly.

In “The Incredible Shrinking Town”, it has been revealed that he had taken ventriloquist classes and is able to imitate everyone. This feat is unmatched in Retroville. This is also a sign that he dislikes Sheen, even though she’s one his closest friends. Carl loves playing Llamapalooza, a videogame. In I Dream of Jimmy, Carl Wheezer Wheezer and Boy Genius, it is revealed that Carl Wheezer is self-conscious and insecure about being unintelligent. He is also jealous of Jimmy’s life and wants to steal his. Carl seems to envy Jimmy’s intelligence and the attention he receives from girls. He is also always annoyed that Jimmy forces him to test his inventions, which he has sometimes injured.

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