Easy Ways You Can Show Your Loved One You Still Care About Them

Sometimes, in a relationship, there are times when your partner wonders if you still care about them. You have become more like ships passing in the night, or like roommates, than like husband and wife. If you are in this sort of situation, you cannot allow it to continue. This kind of relationship often may lead to the couple growing apart, and can sometimes lead to one partner straying.

So, if this describes your relationship, there are some simple things that you can do to show your partner that you still care. They should be done quickly, so that the fire in your relationship can be rekindled.

A very common, and sometimes effective, way to rekindle your spouse’s feelings for you, is to take them out to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant. Expensive or not, taking the time out to make a date with your spouse is a very effective way to show them you care. Giving them a bouquet of flowers before the date, with chocolates or chocolate fondue after, is also a nice touch.

If you cannot go out, for any number of reasons, such as not having a babysitter, you can invite a personal chef to make a gourmet meal for you and your spouse. This works best if you can take off from work to meet the chef, and your spouse can be surprised when they return home. If using this tactic, though, make sure they know something is going to be happening, so that your spouse doesn’t end up working late and missing the dinner entirely.

Yet another way to show your spouse that you care is to book a couples’ massage in your home, or book a hotel room to bring your spouse to for a special night of relaxation. Massage therapy is one of the best gifts you can give, since it has so many health benefits for the both of you. Flowers to decorate the room, flower petals, and hot towels, are also a nice touch for the romantic evening you will share.

Finally, there are ways to show you care that don’t cost anything. Arranging a scenic bicycle trip for just the two of you, going hiking on a trail they have never been on, or even going to your local park to spend some time alone are all ideas for rekindling your love without spending any money. If you are so inclined, you can join a book club together to share a love of reading, and have more topics to discuss.

However, all of these suggestions assume that you are able to communicate with your spouse on a regular basis, and are not a quick fix for rude, obnoxious behaviors that never belong in a relationship. There are no better relationship-killers than meanness, ignoring, cold-shoulder, silent treatment, and other symptoms of an overall lack of communication. If you have issues like these, and are able to recognize them yourself, then you may need to obtain couples counseling with a qualified therapist. But for small issues, such as extreme busyness and lack of time management issues, along with taking the children to their activities while not paying attention to your own activities, these simple solutions can help.

Especially if you have children, great care must be taken to show your loved one that you are still there for them, and that you will always care about them, just as they are. It is unwise to assume that this message has been received if you have done nothing to broadcast this message. In addition, when planning your night out, it is best if you also arrange a babysitter, so that your time together can be extended for as long as you both would like. Children are a joy to their parents; however, it is extremely important to have some time alone without them on a somewhat regular basis, especially if your spousal relationship is in trouble.

It is hoped that you find the above solutions helpful, and are able to put some of them into practice. Over time, these activities can help you to have a better and longer-lasting relationship, full of love, companionship, and good communication.

The author is a licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist, from Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy. Find them on Twitter and Facebook


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