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Since a long time, my parents and I have been interested in The Kickin Crab. (An honest, skeptical eye, to be sure. Boiling Crab is a favorite of ours and we love the fried catfish. We were unable to get there because of the long lines and crowded parking lots.

My father and I drove some of our friends to San Francisco on Sunday morning. We had originally planned to have lunch with these friends. However, we discovered that they wanted to skip lunch so we drove them to the airport. We are fine with that.

We ended up going back to the South Bay much earlier than expected. As we were still driving, I called my mom and asked her to call Ahyi so she could meet us at The Kickin Crab.

They were defeated by my father and me. Although we were anxious about the long wait, it was a good thing that we didn’t. There were plenty of parking spaces available and the restaurant was almost empty when we arrived.

After Ahyi and my mother finally arrived, we placed our orders for Kickin Crab.

Three special combos are available from Kickin Crab with very special prices. Kickin’ combo #1 costs $34.99 and includes your choice of 2lb shrimp, 2lb crawfish or 2lb crab, 2lb potatoes, 1lb clams and 2 corns. You can also choose from 2lb shrimp, 2lb crawfish, 2lb clams, and 2lb clams. 4 pieces sausage are included. You can order the seafood separately at market prices. We ordered combo #1 after we discovered that both shrimp and clam were $10.99 per lb.

Boiling crab allows you to choose the seasoning that you like best. “Kickin Crab Style” was our choice. This is a mix of all the seasonings, including garlic butter, Cajun, Louisiana, lemon pepper, Cajun, Cajun, Louisiana and garlic butter. Extra mild was requested, which was something new to me. I’m not sure what this means.

The first thing that we noticed when the seafood bag was placed on the table was the large chunks of garlic in its sauce. This turned out to be the best thing ever. Votes were unanimous. Boiling Crab sauce is better than Kickin Crab sauce

Boiling Crab takes the prize for best fried fish. The Kickin Crab fish n’ chip came in small pieces (8.99).

It was small and it wasn’t catfish like at Boiling Crab. This is infinitely better. I found the tartar sauce a little too sweet. However, the Cajun fries were good.

  • The Cajun calamari (£6.99) was also not available.
  • Cajun seasoning was delicious.
  • Yelp users were raving about the garlic noodles ($8.99). So we ordered a full plate.

Although the noodles were overcooked I couldn’t deny that the garlic chunks were delicious. I would love to skip the noodles and just order the garlic.

Because there will be another time. Boiling Crab is far more accessible to me than Kickin Crab. We’ll likely find ourselves at Kickin Crab more often, considering how delicious the sauce is. We now know Sunday lunch is the best day to visit Kickin Crab.

But for fried fish? Boiling Crab is the best place to go.

Tomorrow I am off to New York City for a conference, so be prepared for some amazing posts in the near future!

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