Buy Fitted Sheet Double Bed And Tips To Take Care OF Them

Every home needs a good quality and stylish bed sheets to look more attractive and beautiful. Fitted sheet double bed looks beautiful but it is very important to take care of them fully. Here we are going to discuss that how to buy and hot to take care of these bed sheets. When you go shopping there are some important points that you need to keep in your mind.


Size is an important factor in shopping a fitted double sheet that you just need to keep in your mind. Make sure that you have a correct bed size in your mind. You should not end up buying a sheet that does not fit your bed. Most of the beds are standard sizes and you can find the bed sheet for these bed sizes easily.

Design And Color:

Choose a design and color of the bed sheet according to your furniture and room décor that suits on your bed. It should gel with surrounding in the room. These days the bright colors are in vogue rather than pastel and subtle shades. You can choose different designs and prints as well.


The next step is choosing a good fabric. While choosing the fabric for fitted sheet double bed you must keep in mind some important factors such as skin allergies, hair damage and comfort as well. So do not take it easy and select a best and comfortable stuff for bed sheet.

Thread Counts:

Thread count is another important point that you should need to note and take it seriously. The sheet with lower thread count can be very uncomfortable. So you just need to pick a higher thread count sheet for your bedroom because it provides a good and comfortable feel.

Taking Care Of The Double Bed Sheets:

  • Do not wash them too much and make sure that you are washing them according to the given instructions that are given on the label of the bed sheet. Use the right method as mention and high-quality detergent to wash them. Don’t Use too much hot or cold water to wash them.
  • Sometimes the colored one tends to lose color due to the harsh detergents and hot water as well. Precautions have to be taken and mild detergents along with the cold water should be used to wash the bed sheets.
  • Avoid and try bringing food near sheets as it is really difficult and complicated to remove the stains on the sheets.


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