Top Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

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Learning how to design a kitchen is incredibly complicated if you’re not sure where to start. You can save a lot of time with kitchen design northern VA by taking note of the tips below.

1. Outline first, design later

If you’re starting from scratch, you’re going to have to figure out how to direct traffic in your kitchen. Will you be entertaining people that are going to enter the kitchen? Will there be children that should be out of harm’s way whenever they’re in the kitchen? These are a couple of questions that you should ask when you make an outline of your kitchen.

2. Make way

One of the most underrated things when it comes to designing a kitchen is the width of the walkways that it should have. You have to be able to walk around freely without having to constantly worry that you’re going to bump into something. Even if you’re working with a tight space, strategically placing kitchen islands and appliances will make it easier for you to move around.

3. Look up

The space that you won’t find below your head could be over it. If you put overhead cupboards and other forms of storage, you’ll be conserving a lot of space for your kitchen. Having cupboards will also make your kitchen feel roomy and there will be less clutter all over the place for when you have to prepare a meal.

4. Look around

Just like the previous tip, you’re encouraged to look for other places where you can put your things that may be of help to cooking. If you have rooms close to your kitchen that don’t have that many things in them, it’ll be better to include them in your kitchen redesign plans. You might be able to get more out of your kitchen and pantry if you combine them together rather than working on them individually.

5. Know your limits

If you’re going to redesign an existing kitchen layout, take into consideration the many things that are often ignored. Things such as water lines to the dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks will have to be adjusted. You’ll also have to contact home maintenance companies to move your gas pipes, reroute your air conditioning ductwork and get them all inspected after for the homeowners association.

6. Set a budget

Instead of setting a budget that you’re willing to spend on the design of your house, you should work on a budget that’s distributed to the rooms inside. A fixed budget for your kitchen will give you an idea of how many appliances you can buy, which models to go with and how many aesthetic adjustments can be made after everything’s put in place.

7. Think about food

A practice that’s becoming more and more common these days is the consideration of the meals that will be prepared and cooked in the kitchen. Will the food that will be prepared be sensitive to light during storage? If so, it might be smarter to place cabinets far away from the window and let the sunlight shine elsewhere in the kitchen.

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