How Homeopathy Finds the Edge Over Other Modes of Treatment in Eczema?

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Eczema is a chronic skin disease that generally causes the skin to boil out, and is more popularly known in the medical world as dermatitis. There are several reasons for this inflammation to happen, but allergy is considered to be one of the most common of all reasons. Some of the patients even suffer from eczema because of other allergies too, and they are mostly inherited from families. Since the family histories often claim to make the patients prone to eczema, allows weak immunity to over react to certain responses. This over reaction turns out to be the root of all causes.

After several studies in her medical career, Ines Cano Uribe has identified the most common of all the symptoms for eczema are redness, itching, scaling and utter thickening of the skin. Itching has always been the pre-dominant of all the symptoms, and at times, the itching turns out to be so intense that one is forced to scratch the area until it bleeds. A thick crust like layer is formed on the skin which gives it a leathery look and there might be a oozing of discharge from the area that has been affected by eczema.

Out of sheer habit, the first line of treatment that most of the patients undertake is either they visit their family doctor or the aleopathic ones. And the most common prescription drawn by most of the doctors is a few dose of anti allergic tablets and some anti septic creams to stop the itching problems. But these medications seem to solve the problem temporarily, but the patients find the itching and redness appear once again. The next visit generally made is to the skin specialists who even ask the patients to apply some more creams of different brands. But even that doesn’t help in bringing permanent solution since all these creams are palliative in nature and prove to have temporary effect on the skins.

But homeopathy seems to concentrate more on going to roots of the problems and improve the immune system as well. Studies have even proved that allergic conditions are just manifestation of the hyperactive immunity. Hence instead of just treating the allergies, homeopathy goes to the very basic cause of the problem and gets the immunity system back to form. Graphite is one of the best homeopathic medicines which needs to be applied on the area where there is oozing of thick and sticky discharge from the eruptions. It might take some time, but the patients can be rest assured that this time their Eczema will be gone forever.

Apart from this, Mezereum, Hepar Sulphur, Dulcamara and normal Sulphur even acts to be great homeopathic medicines with effective results on treating the Eczema. Ines Cano Uribe herself has been studying on this for years now, and not only that she has even treated hundreds of patients, specially kids who are found to suffer more with this skin disease. Her belief makes her treat the patients right from the core rather than from outside.

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