Known as “Sasori” from Red Sand

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Sasori was born in Sunagakure 21 years before the series began. When he was five years old, his parents, Sakumo and Kakashi Hatake, were killed in battle. This left Sasori with his grandmother Chiyo. Chiyo tried to fill the void in Sasori’s life by teaching him puppetry. This was a family tradition. Sas ori was quick to realise his talent when he made two puppets to commemorate his parents’ death. However, as his parents were unable to provide the love and support he desired, Sasori lost interest and the puppets eventually fell into the hands of Chiyo. 

Sasori grew up and became a respected craftsman. 

He was able to create many ingenious puppets such as the Crow, Salamander, or the Black Ant puppets Kankuro, Gaara, later acquired as a shinobi. Sas ori earned the nickname “Sasori the Red Sand” because of his puppets’ ability to shed enemy blood on the battlefields of the Second Shinobi World War. Sas ori found a new type of puppetry in which he made puppets from living people, called Human Puppets. This had the advantage that they retained their abilities. To prevent close-range fighters from causing injury, he made one using the body of Hiruko, a shinobi. It was deadly in every way. Sasori, then fifteen years old, left Sunagakure to become an S-rank Missing Nin. He also left behind many sleeper agents. Ten years later, he returned to Sunagakure and captured the Third Kazekage. 

He killed him and made him his favorite Human Puppet. Sas ori made a puppet to his liking, and he transferred his core into it to extend his life. Sas ori joined Akatsuki’s criminal organization, where he first met Orochimaru. They had a mutual respect. After Orochimaru’s failure to steal Itachi Umiha’s body, Sas ori began to hate Orochimaru and sent Kabuto Yakushi spying on him. Kabuto was already working for Akatsuki and had been working under Orochimaru. This gambit didn’t work out. Later, he was paired with Deidara.

Sasori Naruto

Sasori made his debut in the second part of the series, traveling to Sunagakure, his village, with Deidara. There, they attempted to capture Shukaku, the One-Tail, Gaara, the jinchuriki. Sas ori warned Deidara about the prepraration he was going to use to fight Gaara. But Deidara seemed certain he had everything he needed. Sas ori and Deidara managed to infiltrate Sunagakure using Yura as one of their sleeper agents. However, Deidara failed to execute the covert operation that would have allowed Gaara to be captured. Sas ori captured Gaara and defeated him. He was then left with Kankuro, Gaara’s brother. 

The puppets he made helped the latter defeat Sasori

They reached the hideout and removed Shukaku, along with the rest of Akatsuki, from Gaara. This killed him. Sas ori had intended to capture Naruto Umaki but Deidara took Gaara and drew him out, along with Kakashi Hatake. This left Sas ori having to fight his grandmother Chiyo, who was supported by Sakura Haruno. Although Sas ori’s Hiruko puppet was dangerous, Sakura and Chiyo were able to save them from injury. Sakuro successfully destroyed Hiruko. His unaged body was exposed by Sasori, shocking Chiyo. He also revealed his favorite Human Puppet the Third Kazekage. This he used to challenge Chiyo who used his Mother puppets against him. After the fight was deadlocked, Sasori used the Third’s Iron Sand to disable Chiyo and her puppet arms. Sakura also told Sasori she would question him about his knowledge of Orochimaru.

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